In other words, I don’t want to see my work end up looking like this.

I absolutely do not allow my work to be made into tubes, no exceptions. Not even if you pay me.

You must e-mail me at and let me know about it prior to using my images.

If you use my images, they must appear as they appear on this website, in their original unedited form, with the copyright info clearly
stated and embedded into the image itself. You can crop and resize if needed, but I absolutely do not allow my images to be altered
in any other way, no exceptions.

I frequently receive e-mails along the lines of “who do you think you are, Picasso or something?” [sic]. Please understand that, as a creative
person, I understand where you’re coming from. I support creativity and artistic effort. I hate imposing rules on people, and especially telling
them “no”, but part of being an artist for a living is ensuring that there is no negative impact on the value of your images. Sadly, when
they’re used like stock, clipart, a coloring book, or digital equivalent of a craft kit, that’s exactly what happens.

Please do not write to me asking to make an exception for you, and especially do not write to me complaining about these rules. Please
know that it’s nothing personal; it’s just business.
Thank you for your cooperation.



Q: Can I use your images on my website?
A: It depends on what kind of site. It goes without saying that you can’t claim my work as your own, or copy my work and post it as your
   own original work, or post my work anywhere without permission or as “free clipart”, or use it to make money. I don't allow the use of my
   images on sites that promote hate. I don't allow the use of my images on porn sites. I don't allow the use of my images for logos or as
   navigational graphics for other websites. I don't allow any use of images that are specified as “commissioned work.” I don't allow the
   use of my images for the purposes of illustrating other works. Please e-mail me for a permission prior to using my images.
Q: I've made a graphic of your images and want to use that as a web design/cross-stitch pattern/etc. for sale. Since I'm creating
    my own original work it's legal, right?
A: Nope, sorry. Even though you are, technically, creating your own original design, it's still based on original work belonging to someone
   else. You're creating what's called a derivative work, which is a copyright infringement. You aren’t doing me any favors by “advertising”
   my work through your products. You’re breaking the law.

Q: Do you license your images for cross-stitch patterns, stamps, tubes, etc?
A: I license my images for most products. No tubes or clipart, sorry. Please contact me about licensing.

Q: Can I have a tattoo done based on one of your images?
A: I would be honored. And I would love to see an image of your finished result, if possible. HOWEVER, please make sure that the image
   you’re using for the tattoo doesn’t have copyright restrictions on it. If it says anywhere in the description under the image that it
   isn’t to be used, please respect the copyright laws and don’t use it. You also have an option to commission your own unique design.

Q: Your drawing looks just like my RPG character! Can I use it as his/her official portrait?
A: It depends. Many of my drawings already represent other people’s (as well as my own) characters. Ask me. And of course, you’re always
   welcome to commission your very own unique character portrait.

Q: I saw an image on your site that would make the perfect cover art for my book/brochure/CD! Can I use it?
A: Again, it depends. If you’re planning to make money with your project, you’re going to have to license the image. If your project is
   non-profit, likely you can use the image. Please contact me about it. You also have the option to commission your very own cover.

Q: What if I suspect someone is misusing your art?
A: If you suspect someone is using my art without permission (including illegal commercial usage, usage against the terms of use, etc.) feel
   free to let me know via e-mail. Thank you.

Q: Hey, wasn't there more stuff on this site, like photography and writing? Where did it all go?
A: The site has been around since the late 90s, and has gone through many different names and layouts. I pulled the plug on all other
   sections in around 2000, because I was going pro and wanted the site to pertain to my work only. Besides, I could hardly find enough
   time and energy to deal with fan/hate mail about my art; the prospect of a career in social commentary eventually lost its appeal. Anad,
   as much as I love photography, and regardless of the quality (or lack thereof) of my photos, I don’t do it professionally, nor do I plan to.
   I do occasionally post photos in my DeviantArt gallery and write reviews on Amazon for fun.

Q: I saw an image on your website that offended me, and I’d like to see it removed!
A: My work is what it is. If something doesn't please you or even offends you, please just click the back button.

Q: Want to trade links?
A: If your site has to do with art, then yes, I’d be glad to. E-mail me.


Q: Why fantasy?
A: Because I’m an escapist. Because just copying life bores the heck out of me. Because I despise rules and restrictions. Because I love the
   idea of all the what-ifs that constantly pop into my head.

Q: What inspires you to do art?
A: My family. Writing. Dreams. Books. Music. The Far East. Urban decay. Steampunk. Dystopia. Nature. Computer games. And of course, art.

Q: What processes and mediums do you use to create art? And what brand art supplies do you use?
A: You can see and read all about it in the Tutorials section.

Q: Where do you get your references from?
A: Many sources. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many professional and amateur models (credit is always given where it’s due).
   Sometimes I loosely base a portrait on a famous person, such as in “Mischievous Joy”. Sometimes I shoot my own references. For
   example, the cat in “Dawn” is referenced from my own cat, Pandora. The hands in “Elegy” are referenced from my own hands.

Q: How long does it take for you do complete a piece of art?
A: It depends on the size, the level of detail, and the medium. Anywhere from 8 hours to a few weeks.

Q: What art school did you go to? Would you recommend it to aspiring artists?
A: I am for the most part a self-taught artist. I've never gone to an art school in the true sense of the word. I've attended some life
   drawing sessions at the Art Students' League of New York, which is a fantastic organization with a traditional approach to art schooling.
   I don’t think getting an art school degree is necessary to be a successful artist, but I don’t think it can hurt, either. If you feel an art
   school can be beneficial, then by all means, go for it. Just made sure you do your research first: many art schools are still restrictive
   and close-minded, and can do more harm than good for an artist’s development.

Q: Who is your favorite artist?
A: Too many to list. If I had to pick just a few... Bouguereau, Godward, Mucha, and Rockwell when it comes to classics. Michael Parkes,
   Brom, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Christiane Vluegels, Jia Lu, Alfredo Rodriguez, and Der Jen when it comes to modern art. To find links
   to more of my favorite artists, please visit the Links section.

Q: Can you give me some tips on how to draw?
A: There's only one way to learn how to draw: practice a lot. Patience is an artist's best tool. Sketch from life. Take an art class if you can.
   If not, get friends and family to pose for you. Experiment. Don’t get discouraged by experiments gone wrong. Get used to the thought
   that sometimes a drawing won't work out the way you planned - even seasoned pros sometimes have to deal with this, and it's not
   necessarily a bad thing. Da Vinci often abandoned his commissions, you know.

Q: Why do you draw lots of Asian people?
A: I’ve harbored a love for the Far East since I was about six years old. Maybe that’s where I lived in a previous life. The amount of beauty
   and grace found in Asian cultures and people is incredibly inspiring to me.

Q: Why would you draw a samurai in European armor with a Celtic tattoo and tribal face paint? That's wrong!
A: I consider my work fantasy, not history. In my world, Asian warriors wear European armor, geishas get inked with Celtic symbols, and
   samurai carry Chinese swords. It's why it's called fantasy. If you're looking for historically accurate pieces of art, please visit a museum.

Q: So many of your characters wear tattoos. Do you yourself have any?
A: I have a fish on my ankle and a scorpion on my shoulder blade, each of which I got when my children were born (they are Pisces and
   Scorpio respectively). I also have a panther on my lower back (because felines are all kinds of awesome).

Q: Your drawing looks like you/my best friend/my sister/Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Is it intentional?
A: No. If you see <insert real-life person> in my drawing(s), it's either your imagination or a coincidence. If you see me, it’s definitely
   your imagination, because I generally don't draw myself. If I do, I call it a self-portrait. I might use a model or celebrity occasionally,
   but if that's the case, I always make a point of mentioning it in the description.

Q: I saw a book The Retrieval Artist by K. K. Rusch with your painting Who We Are on the cover, but inside the art is credited to Ken
    Barr. What's up with that?
A: Yes, unfortunately it was an error on the publisher's part, and I don’t believe they’re planning a reprint.

Q: I want you to draw something for me, but I can't pay you. Can you draw it anyway?
A: Sorry, but no. I don't work for exposure (i.e. for free), on speculation (i.e. do the work now and maybe get paid later), or without a
   written and signed legal agreement.

Q: But why should you make money from my project when I haven’t made a penny from it yet? How is that fair?
A: Do you refuse to pay the dry cleaner who pressed your clothes for the job interview based on the fact that you haven’t gotten the job
   or made any money from the job yet?

Q: But I'm such a huge fan of your work! Can’t you make an exception this once?
A: Sorry, I can’t. While I appreciate the fact that you like my work, it doesn’t feed me and my children. Please understand that it's nothing
   personal. And do read this.


Q: Did you want to be an artist while growing up?
A: No. I wanted to be everything from archaeologist to rock star to journalist, but never an artist.

Q: What do you like to do for fun?
A: That's implying I have a life. ;) I'm actually quite boring. I don’t like to travel. I don’t like crowds. My home is my castle, and being out
   of it knocks me off kilter. I make art, I hang out with my family, I write, I watch movies, I listen to music, I read, I play videogames, I
   explore teh Internets. Working out and dancing are my forms of stress relief. Horseback riding is my therapy. I’m a foodie and love to
   cook. I love taking photos, and occasionally channel that love into scrapbooking.

Q: Do you ever get artist’s block? How do you banish it?
A: Who doesn't? I'm affected by the weather a lot, so my worst artist blocks come during the coldest days of winter, and the hottest days
   of summer. When I do get it, I just go with the flow and completely distance myself from all my art supplies and do anything but art -
    read, write, watch a movie, take a walk... Forcing it only makes it worse.

Q: What are your favorite books/movies/TV shows/musicians/videogames/etc. etc.?
A: Too many to list. I’m omnivorous. I don’t care who made or wrote it or who’s in it; give me a good story and compelling characters (or
   a good melody), and I’m happy. To Kill A Mockingbird  is my favorite book. Goodfellas is my favorite movie. Firefly is my favorite TV
   show. Paul McCartney is my favorite musician. Half-Life 2 is my favorite game. At the moment at least. I’m moody, and I don’t like

Q: Do you have any guilty indulgences?
A: Videogames. I began playing in 1994 and never stopped. Shooters, RPGs, adventure - you name it, I play it. I must own close to 400 games...
   And yes, I've played them all. At least twice.

Q: If you didn't do art, what would you do?
A: It would probably still be something creative. If I had to pick something outside that domain, it would probably be either medicine or
   something to do with horses.

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